Dance the Night Away w/these Eight Tips for Wearing Heels

Want to wear a set of pumps to your wedding but you don't want to suffer? Take these eight tips to heart, consider wearing a pair under 4", and you'll be fine.

Six Eco-Friendly Favors to Delight Guests & The Planet

Impress your guests and save the trees by giving your guests a tree to plant. Eco-friendly favors are 'usually' a less expensive option and a gift everyone can feel good about. Here are six great wedding favor ideas to make your friends & the planet happy.

1.) A Tree to Plant - For a refined look add in a cardboard box/insert before wrapping or simply wrap your tree seedlings in burlap bags placing them on the tables/in a wicker basket. To create perfect gift tags search for a craft punch, i.e. "oak leaf craft punch."

2.) Food for the Birds - Even if your guests live in an urban area, they'll appreciate having a bit of bird seed around to lay on the windowsill. Another great option is to cut cardboard into a heart shape, apply peanut butter or corn syrup, coat with birdseed, and hang for guests to grab.

3.) A Pick Me Up - Almost everyone loves caffeine. Purchase bulk organic & fair trade tea or coffee and repackage into single servings.

4.) Flower Bulbs to Grow - Even your guests in apartments can get a cheap plastic plant pot to enjoy the flowers easily. Place the bulbs in burlap sacks, cardboard boxes with a little moss to cushion them, or wrap in brightly colored tissue paper with a little note on what plant it is and where/how to plant it. If you have the time & money, you can always start the bulbs ahead of time in pots with soil.

5.) Some Seeds to Sow - Give your guests some herb or local flower seeds in paper seed packs or even better, paper packs embedded w/seeds. You can find a lot of great customized option on Etsy. You can also place some D.I.Y. seeds bombs in small customized burlap gift bags.

6.) A Little Light - Wrap or dip your own D.I.Y. beeswax candles. For D.I.Y. wrap candles get some beeswax sheets and a wick, wrap tightly and label. Making dipped candles is fun & easy, just check out this D.I.Y. tutorial from Becoming Kindred.

7.) Potted Succulents - Even your guests will a black thumb will love these. Replant bulk succulents into small terracotta pots.

Photo Credit; Top to Bottom, Left to Right; Elizabeth Demos, Savannah, GA via Weddings Unveiled Magazine, Bird Seed Wedding Favors via Wood & Grain on Etsy, Personalized Wedding Favor Seed Bombs via VisualLinqual on Etsy.

Gel Nails vs. Acrylics for the Wedding Day

As a long time user of acrylic nails I can tell you firsthand they are not comfortable. They feel stiff and it *really* hurts if you catch them on anything.

Due to this reason alone, to the fact that it's important to be comfortable on your wedding day, I suggest having a gel manicure done up to three days before. Gel nails are more flexible, comfortable, less prone to break, and the 'soak off' options are less likely to damage your natural nails. While it's a little more expensive at the salon, I think it's more than worth it.

If you're the kind of girl who can paint your own nails (which I am not) I suggest attempting to do it at home because for about the twice the cost you can have the same kind of beautiful manicure again and again.

All Items via Sally Beauty
ASP Mini LED Lamp $53.99*
FingerPaints Soak-Off Gel Polish Starter Kit: Includes cleanser, chip-free bonder, base coat, top coat, cuticle oil, gel remover, instruction booklet & D.V.D. $39.95*
FingerPaints Soak-Off Gel Polish Stay True To The Art $8.99*
China Glaze Gelaze Necessities Kit: Includes Ruby Pumps polish (base coat built in), top coat, pre-soaked cleansing wipes, nail file, orangewood stick, nail pusher, remover, instruction booklet, & D.V.D. $31.49*
China Glaze Soak-Off Gelaze $10.99*
Gelish Soak-Off Nail Polish $13.29*

* Price w/Sally Beauty Membership at $5 per Year

Whimsical Summer Fun with Parasols

Add whimsy while keeping you & your party safe from the sun with parasols. They're available in almost every color & style, allowing you to add a little pop of color or vintage glamour to your wedding.

While the cost can vary greatly you'll have a lot of options to choose from.

Pamelas Parasols, offering high-end couture items including an eco-friendly line, includes many parasols that retail above $200. Bright and beautiful paper parasols you can get almost anywhere, including, for under $10 on average. And beautiful painted parasols from ARTinteresect on Etsy will run around $80.

Photo Credit: Bride with Parasol via Natelie Moser Photography

D.I.Y. Wedding Cake Tutorials, Guides, and Recipes

Unless you're looking to spend $1.50 to $12 a slice I suggest you consider a few Do-It-Yourself options or alternatives when it comes to your wedding cake.

If you've read this blog before, you'll know I'm a *big* fan of cupcakes. They are easier to decorate/frost, it's easy to offer multiple options, and they can be made/frozen well ahead of time.

You can order fondant and sugar decorations from multiple places including And if you are looking for more of a traditional cake you can always order it from your local grocery and decorate it yourself.

Read more & check out a few great recipes after the jump.